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5 punks pick the wrong pizza driver to rob (Indiana)

Pizza drivers are getting tired of being held up and when something doesn't seem right; they know. Too bad for the 5 punks that was going to rob him because they picked the wrong guy

They ordered 10 pizzas and some soda, and then asked to be called when the driver was 10 minutes away. He parked a couple of houses down and looked around and seen 5 people sitting in a car.

Then all of a sudden they got out with a gun but little did they know he has a CCW permit and his own gun. After seeing his gun they took off and he gave chase until the police could catch them.

What a story to tell the rest of the employee's, common sense and quick thinking very well could have saved his life along with a boss that allow him the right to carry

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old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / 5 punks pick the wrong pizza driver to rob (Indiana)

Posted By: NativeTexasSon
12/31/12 11:39 PM

What???? Criminals intent on using a gun (illegally) to rob (illegally) a pizza guy flee in a stolen (illegally) car--someone needs to tell them THAT'S ALL AGAINST THE LAW!!! Good job pizza guy! :)