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1st grader suspended for finger gun (Maryland)

So it seems that a first grader at Roscoe Nix Elementary in Silver Spring, Maryland was playing at school, shaped his fingers into a finger gun and said, "Pow!".

Can anyone reading this say they never made the finger gun? We won't even talk about how rappers revolutionized the finger gun by going with two fingers to make a semi-automatic (Game changer!).

Back to the story. So the little boy does this heinous act and, while it's Christmas break, the family receives a letter saying the boy is suspended from school and cannot return after the break is over. Even better, the letter explained how a school counselor "had an extended conversation" to explain "the inappropriateness of using objects to make shooting gestures".

No. Freakin. Kidding.

Personally, I'd have used that as a longer vacation and taken my kid somewhere really cool because the school board was a bunch of morons. The family in this incident lawyered up - it is Maryland after all.

"Generally, in an incident involving the behavior of our younger students, we will make sure that the student and his family are well-informed of any behavior that needs to change and understand the consequences if the behavior does not change," said Montgomery County Public Schools spokesman Dana Tofig in a statement that said absolutely nothing to shed light on this situation. Thanks for the help Dana!

How would you handle this?

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Posted By: Michael
01/04/13 12:53 PM

Posted By: Jayson
01/04/13 06:57 PM

Count one for common sense