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Family tragedy: Man forced to shoot his own son in self-defense (Kentucky)

Saturday night, 75-year-old Ray Henson was put in a position no father should ever face. He was forced to defend himself with deadly force against his own son.

While details are sparse, police received a call of shots fired from the Lincoln County, Kentucky home. When they arrived they found 42-year-old Michael Henson dead on the scene.

An investigation found that Michael had come to the house and started an argument with his father. At some point, Michael began shooting at his father. Ray returned fire, fatally wounding his son.

Posts: News / Family tragedy: Man forced to shoot his own son in self-defense (Kentucky)

Posted By: Michael
01/08/13 01:29 PM

This is actually really interesting. To shoot your own child is to go against standard evolutionary behavior. The fact that Ray Henson is 75 means he is probably done child rearing so there is no particular benefit to his life over Michaels at 42 who might still be child rearing and at the very least has the potential too. For legacy purposes, Ray should have instinctively withheld fire with the subconscious understanding that Michael's life is more valuable than his own. More details can come into play for sure...were they so estranged that Ray didn't feel a family bond to Michael anymore. Is Ray taking care of any grandchildren...maybe Michaels. Is Michael even Ray's kid? Maybe he's adopted, or maybe Ray's had suspected his wife of having an affair and wasn't even certain Ray was his. I expect one of these facts to be true, or Ray probably wouldnt have shot his own son. I'll be waiting for the police to release more details.
Posted By: barstoolguru
01/08/13 02:26 PM

Anyone shooting at me is no friend or relative that I have any respect for and the need to survive is stronger; Sounds like they were somewhat detached from each other.
Posted By: Jayson
01/08/13 03:24 PM

Self preservation is a very strong influence. I don't believe people today have as strong a subconscious urge to continue their genetic line as we once did. It is no longer as important as it may have been earlier in evolution. Or maybe his son is just a dick.
Posted By: barstoolguru
01/08/13 03:38 PM

the thought of growing old and being abused by you own son or daughter is got to be one of the hardest things to live with. We take the time and raise our kids and give everything to ensure they live better than we did so for someone to do that to their own parent is horrible.