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Man shields infant with his body then shoots attacker (Ohio)

Kelby Smith pulled up to his brothers house in Columbus, Ohio around 8:45 last night. Kelby got out of the car and picked up his 2-month-old son, still strapped in his car seat, to head inside.

At that moment a real thug piece of shit decided to strike. Wielding a pistol the man ran at Kelby and demanded money. Kelby turned around and used his body to shield his son while the robber pressed the gun to his head.

Kelby gave the man the little cash he had and the robber started to flee - pointing his gun back at Kelby the whole time. A concealed carrier, Kelby drew his weapon, took aim, and shot the criminal, who was still pointing his gun at Kelby.

Shortly after, the criminal showed up at Mount Carmel West hospital with gun shot wounds. He was taken into custody and is under armed guard while being treated.

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Posts: News / Man shields infant with his body then shoots attacker (Ohio)

Posted By: barstoolguru
01/08/13 08:19 PM

love for his son, lets hope the child grows up and feels the same for dad. some things never have to be said