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We got them buddy; store owner hold thieves at gunpoint for police (Florida)

West Crane Services in Volusia County, Florida was burglarized last week. Because of that robbery the 64-year-old owner decided to stake out his own property and see if the thieves would return.

They did.

Monday night Ryan Moore and Scott Sasek were doing criminal stuff on the property when the business owner heard the commotion. He went outside and confronted the two men as they were trying to get into their car to leave. It was, as the Jedi say, an aggressive negotiation considering the business owner was holding the two men at shotgun point.

When the owner called 911 he told them, "We got them, buddy. They've got stolen stuff from my shop in the back of their car."

What were they stealing?

A wrecking ball and a large metal hook assembly. Go figure.

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Posts: News / We got them buddy; store owner hold thieves at gunpoint for police (Florida)

Posted By: barstoolguru
01/09/13 12:18 PM

I can hear it now as a bunch of those nimrods sitting in there trailer “say dude where did ya get that great looking coffee table at”
Posted By: Texar
01/11/13 04:26 PM

That's great man!! Another perfect example of deecision making under the influence!! All I got to say in cases like this.......job security!!!