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Posts: General Discussion / Five Common Misconceptions About Guns and Mass Shootings

Texar Post Author Photo: Texar
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Five Common Misconceptions About Guns and Mass Shootings
01/14/13 12:38 PM

This is a good article that is on today......
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JBeechel Post Author Photo: JBeechel
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01/15/13 12:37 AM

These articles confuse me. The article basically belittles the gun grabbers positions by countering with exceptions to the rule or continuing to focus on semantics.

Yes, it's incorrect to call it an automatic weapon. It is, however, correct to call it a military style rifle. Many AR's (DPMS, Daniels, Troy, etc) are built to full milspec. That's a military rifle that fires in semi automatic mode.

Let's not call them out on semantics and then use our own version of it. Instead, let's clarify that these are military style rifles. That is exactly what the Second Amendment was intended to allow. The people have the right to bear arms in defense of their Constitution and their nation. The gun grabbers can roll their eyes but at least we're having a real conversation.

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