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Intruder flees as woman returns fire (Virginia)

A Bloxom, Virginia woman was home Friday when she heard a loud banging at the door. She had been waiting for a package so she assumed it was the delivery driver.

As she walked towards the front door something didn't seem right. Looking out the window she saw a man crouching down near the woods at the edge of her property. That was enough of a red flag for the woman to arm herself.

Just as she did, the thug who had been knocking broke down the door and entered. The woman held gun on him and screamed, "Look at what I've got!".

As usual, that was enough to get the intruder to turn and flee. This time, he must have decided he was being punked so, as the thug left the yard he wheeled around and fired a single shot at the woman. She returned fire with two of her own.

He and his friend fled.

Police searched with dogs, helicopters, etc. and could not find the men.

Posts: News / Intruder flees as woman returns fire (Virginia)

Posted By: barstoolguru
01/15/13 04:02 PM

she gave a warning; bad
Posted By: Jason
01/15/13 05:17 PM


Glad she responded and impressed she fired back. That being said, once someone forces your door open there should be no question what their intention is.