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Up to 14 rounds fired as homeowner engages intruders (Florida)

A Jacksonville, Florida man woke to two intruders inside his home. Police say the intruders were in their late teens or early 20's.

There was the sound of breaking glass and then the noise of two men inside his house. That's all it took as the homeowner, fearing for his life, opened fire on the criminals. Police say there were between nine and fourteen rounds fired.

The suspects fled and it is unknown if either intruder was hit at this time.

Posts: News / Up to 14 rounds fired as homeowner engages intruders (Florida)

Posted By: barstoolguru
01/16/13 05:13 PM

I know what he will be doing the next couple of months
Posted By: JBeechel
01/16/13 05:26 PM

That's a pain in the ass of a honey-do list.

"Did you get the bullet holes fixed yet?"

Posted By: Jayson
01/17/13 10:30 PM

They're in Jacksonville, those probably aren't the first bullet holes in the wall