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Indiana Allows Self-Defense against Unlawful entry by cops (4th amendment)

As the government takes our rights away the individual states give us more. This law comes from Indiana and covers the illegal entry of police and a person’s ability to resist it. All too many time we hear about the cops having the wrong house or storm in without a warrant or probable cause. The state of Indiana has passed a law to stop that or at least make them think twice about it by enforcing the 4th amendment with a gun and stop the government from invading a man's home.

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old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / Indiana Allows Self-Defense against Unlawful entry by cops (4th amendment)

Posted By: JBeechel
01/23/13 01:27 PM

I worry these laws will make police even quicker to shoot. Remember what happened to former Marine Jose Guerena.

He heard pounding on his door, no one clearly stated they were police loud enough to be heard over the flashbangs thrown into his back yard. The recently returned veteran grabbed his AR thinking he was under attack. Police kicked the door open and, with his rifle still pointed down and at his side, Guerena was shot over 70 times.

EDIT: Found better video