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Why I Don't Pocket Carry, That Has To Hurt (Trinidad & Tobago)

As we hear all the time; a good holster just might save your life or in this case your penis as this 33 year old security guard found out the hard way (pun intended).

The article reads that the cops found the man was slumped over the steering wheel of his truck probably in shock after smoking his meat

To add insult to "the worst injury imaginable," the guard will likely face charges of illegal possession of a firearm because he allegedly didn't have a valid handgun license.

He was taken to the hospital but it was unclear if they were able to attach it.
I am sure of one thing; he will not be grabbing his junk anytime soon

About the Author:
old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / Why I Don't Pocket Carry, That Has To Hurt (Trinidad & Tobago)

Posted By: Jayson
01/24/13 02:31 PM

Yeah... I checked
Posted By: Michael
01/24/13 04:40 PM

would love to know more about the gun. 38 cal revolver. was it a snubby with a hammer? that would be stupid. i put my kel-tec pf9 in a holster...but its double action only with a recessed hammer and a heavy long pull. i dont see how its going off accidentally on account of it just being in my pocket on the rare occasion i carry it that way.
Posted By: holymoleygone
01/24/13 05:24 PM

Well, alot of experts will disagree with me but I always carry my conceal weapon (semi-auto) without a round in the chamber. The chances of accidentally pulling the trigger when drawing a weapon or holstering is more likely to happen then when needing it (weapon) for defense. This does not include revolver of course. This pertains to CCW persons, not law enforcement. I personally know of four instances where firearms have been accidentally discharged. Twice inside the police department, one with an experienced officer unloading his Colt 1911in the locker room and the other while loading his .380 Beretta prior to an interview. The 45 ACP is deafening in a small locker room! The other two were at the range, one shot his foot while drawing his Glock 9mm (thankful not a 45) from his duty holster and the second one while he was holstering his Colt 1911 (not the same guy) without putting the safety on while firing the 2 round draw and re-holster event, he did not shoot himself but the holster was DOA) . It takes less then a second to draw and chamber a round, if you do it properly, and gets the attention of anyone within hearing distance. Sometimes, that's all that is needed to intimidate the aggressor.
Posted By: barstoolguru
01/24/13 07:33 PM

michael wrote: would love to know more about the gun. 38 cal revolver. was it a snubby with a hammer?

it would have to be an old one bacause all the newer ones have a traverse bar that stop the hammer from striking the firing pin without pulling the trigger
Posted By: barstoolguru
01/24/13 08:11 PM

He will be popular with the Jewish woman; they like 40% off of everything
Posted By: Texar
01/26/13 01:13 PM

Yeah i'd like to know what type of weapon he was "Gansta "carrying. I never carry that way myself but I have a few friends who do. I do pocket carry once in a while but almost always in some kind of holster. Anytime I carry it is cocked and ready to rock but that is how I was trained to carry from the git go. Duty carry for LEO, especially DAO pistols, should be that way and it is just natural for me to carry that over to CCW. Even when I carry my 1911 it will be loaded with the hammer back!!!

That's just the way I roll!!
Posted By: Jason
01/26/13 02:18 PM

Has everyone already forgotten the guy in Arizona who shot his dick off by gangsta carrying his girlfriends pink gun?

It doesn't take an old gun, it takes an idiot that would carry without anything protecting the trigger.