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Machete wielding attacker meets a .22 pistol with ratshot (North Carolina)

A Transylvania County (uh huh), North Carolina man as confronted by a machete wielding intruder. The intruder came face to face with the homeowner and demanded that he hand over money.

The homeowner pulled out a .22 pistol from his pocket and fired a single shot in the intruders stomach. Even better, the .22 was loaded with rat shot.

I can't speak to getting shot with pest loads, that's Jayson's expertise. I can say that it sure as hell looked like it sucked on The Wire when Brother Mouzone shot Cheese with a rat shot load.

Posts: News / Machete wielding attacker meets a .22 pistol with ratshot (North Carolina)

Posted By: Michael
01/25/13 01:14 AM

Curious as to the guys condition...but there was no mention in the article.
Posted By: barstoolguru
01/25/13 10:06 AM

Brother Mouzone shot Cheese with 9 mm rat shot
Posted By: Jason
01/25/13 10:10 AM

Agreed, but how often am I going to have a perfect intro for that video clip.

Brother Mouzone was a serious gun enthusiast. Reloading his own hot load hollow points? He's the anti-Omar.

I still noticed that Jayson hasn't shared his story about what a pest load feels like to someone. I know it's salt, but it's still a pest load.
Posted By: barstoolguru
01/25/13 11:31 AM

if your talking rocksalt, I got hit with some when I was a kid and did that shit burns
Posted By: Texar
01/27/13 03:05 PM

He shouldn't have brought a knife to a gun fight!!!!
Posted By: Jayson
01/27/13 08:16 PM

Yep, got shot once as a kid by an old man that lived nearby with salt shot also. Peppered my horse and got my ass some as well, and BSG is right, burns like a son of a gun. Grandma had a talk with him after she picked out what pellets she could; he never even looked in our direction again.