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NRA boycott kills outdoors show that banned assault weapons (PA)

You want to talk about the masses sticking together here it is. 170 exhibitor’s pulled out of the yearly annual show, the biggest in the nation and features several outdoors groups, hundreds of exhibitors and the most popular TV hunting show stars.

The show was scheduled to take place February 2-10 in Harrisburg, Pa. and include a week of events was cancelled because the they banned “assault rifles”
Quoted for the article: In its statement today, organizer Reed Exhibitions said that the whole show, which includes fishing and camping exhibits, "could not be held because the atmosphere of this year's show would not be conducive to an event that is designed to provide family enjoyment. It is unfortunate that in the current emotionally charged atmosphere this celebratory event has become overshadowed by a decision that directly affected a small percentage of more than 1,000 exhibits showcasing products and services for those interested in hunting and fishing."

WOW, talk about sending a clear message to the general public that” if we support you so don’t tread on us”. Some of you might not remember years ago S&W did the same thing when the Brady bill was in play and the shooting world rained hell on them by boycotting the co. they learned their lesson and now it’s time for the Reed exhibitors to take their lumps. I feel bad for the people that make a living on this show, being someone that has made a living with these shows I for one can tell you what kind of money these shows generate to the locals and venders that rely the sales

hey Michael ; hows this for being heard?
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Posts: News / NRA boycott kills outdoors show that banned assault weapons (PA)

Posted By: WellArmedWoman
01/25/13 09:13 PM

That is fantastic!!!
Posted By: Michael
01/26/13 12:13 AM

This makes me happy. So much better to stand together against the people who sell you out than to go on violent rants.