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Wisconsin Sheriff Urges Residents To Get Gun Training

The Sheriff who released radio ads urging Milwaukee area residents to get hand gun training is under fire for speaking his mind. Just how bad is the situation in Wisconsin? Is this just a cry for more money and police or is Sheriff David Clarke just being realistic that the cops can’t be everywhere.

Take the Dallas, TX area, I can tell you the ratio of cops to citizens are about 1 policeman for every 1100 citizens and this is in the city. Time for a cop unless there is a “MWAG” (man with a gun) call is about 20-30 minutes at times

The mayor doesn’t want to say anything for fear of running off business but he was beat up himself quote: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's office released a statement criticizing the ad: "Apparently Sheriff David Clarke is auditioning for the next Dirty Harry movie."

Barrett was beaten up several years ago by someone with a tire iron, and Clarke said he thought that would make the mayor "a lot more sensitive to people being able to defend themselves in such instances. A firearm and a plan of defense would have come in handy for him that day."

David Clarke was also quoted as saying: I'm not telling you to 'Hey, pick up a gun and blast away.' ... People need to know what they are doing if they chose that method - to defend themselves,"

The state of Wisconsin has the castle doctrine and there are about 155,000 CCW holders and Sheriff Clarke want to tap that power that has be bestowed on the public to help out. He said he is not looking for vigilantes but for people to be responsible for their own safety

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Posts: News / Wisconsin Sheriff Urges Residents To Get Gun Training

Posted By: Michael
01/27/13 01:43 PM

great post.
Posted By: Jason
01/27/13 01:54 PM

I'm going with this line as my favorite part of the ad:

"You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We're partners now. Can I count on you?"

Posted By: Winghunter
01/27/13 01:58 PM

Much better source than HuffN'Glu Post: ”Several years ago a tire iron-wielding suspect beat Mayor Tom Barrett to within inches of his life. I would think that he would be a lot more sensitive to people being able to defend themselves in such instances. A firearm and a plan of defense would have come in handy for him that day.”

Posted By: Texar
01/27/13 02:58 PM

Its good to see that a lot of Sheriff's are stepping up and showing support of gun rights for the every day "citizen". It is no secret that it takes a little while to get a response from law enforcement, especially in the rural areas that are the normal "beat " for them. Deputies in my county have a very large area to cover even if they are called to assist one of their own. Why wait 10-20 minutes on police response when you can have it within seconds if you are armed?

No brainer to me.........
Posted By: barstoolguru
01/27/13 03:40 PM

I am not sure of how many people really see how many police chiefs and sheriffs are coming out in support of the armed citizen. That has to send a clear message that they need help and can't be everywhere

add on: someone posted this and instead of starting a new thread I added on to this one.

Number Of Nation's Sheriffs Refusing To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws Snowballs
Posted By: holymoleygone
01/28/13 05:50 PM

Way to go Sheriff! He has gotta be a smart guy, look at all them stars on his shoulders!!!!! Hot damn, a four star general :~)
Posted By: Michael
01/28/13 06:42 PM

I think at a personal level most cops would prefer that citizens don't have guns for the simple reason that theyd prefer to have the tactical advantage but even the anti gun cops know that if you are counting on them to protect you, you are SOL because they just dont have the resources to prevent crime anymore. All they can do is show up and count victims.
Posted By: holymoleygone
01/29/13 01:21 PM

Mike, you are correct that many police officers wish the the public was unarmed because they are mislead in thinking it would make their job easier. This type of mentality comes from the top administrators and police chief's. You notice that most law enforcement head's that come out in favor of armed citizens are the sheriff's. They have to be elected so they cater to the wishes of the public. I worked for two police chief's that were anti gun. The last one wanted it written in policy that officers could not carry firearms unless they were on duty! We had to threaten him and the city with lawsuits to make him change his mind. City police chief's are the worst, especially the large cities, as they answer to the mayor or city managers only.
Posted By: Jason
01/29/13 02:17 PM


You had a chief who wanted to order officers not to carry when off duty?

Maybe he just felt like the department needed a few more lawsuits.

Posted By: holymoleygone
01/29/13 09:07 PM

When questioned by our association attorney, the Chief claimed vicarious liability issues as he had no control over us off duty. He was one of those Chief's that never trusted cops, and it turns out he got fired two years later for false statements during an investigation and ultimately was DE-certifid by police state board for conduct unbecoming an officer and false swearing. He can never be an officer again unless he moves to another state. He was a real POS.
Posted By: Michael
01/29/13 10:24 PM

Where I am from, cops better have a gun on them on duty or off...or they get in troubles.