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Is gas station wine worth being held at gunpoint? (Alabama)

Just after 8p.m. Tuesday night, two men walked into a Texaco in Huntsville, Alabama.

One of the men, identified by police as Mark Neely, Jr., pulled a knife on the cashier and began grabbing bottles of wine. Seriously, who steals gas station wine?

Apparently Neely and his accomplice weren't expecting any kind of fight because they only brought a knife but the store clerk brought a gun. So, in that ever popular gas station version of Rock, Paper, Scissors we proved yet again that gun beats knife.

Neely and his accomplice were held at gunpoint while authorities arrived and placed them under arrest for first degree robbery.

All for some bottles of gas station wine.

Posts: News / Is gas station wine worth being held at gunpoint? (Alabama)

Posted By: Michael
01/28/13 12:30 PM

mad dog 20 20 ftw
Posted By: barstoolguru
01/28/13 02:34 PM

so what are you trying to say; just because a man picks his wine from the Texaco he has no taste....lmao
I will have you know there has been a lot of guys that get lucky because of Boone’s farm ….lol