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Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Takes on Piers Morgan (VIDEO)


Posts: News / Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Takes on Piers Morgan (VIDEO)

Posted By: WellArmedWoman
01/30/13 09:05 AM

I commend you sheriff. Personal responsibility for your very life has been the case for as long as humans have been on this earth, with the exception of when we are at our most vulnerable, then it is our parents responsibility.
Posted By: barstoolguru
01/30/13 10:18 AM

why is it every time that guy speaks it hurts my ears, as soon as the conversation doesn't go his way he tries to change the direction by speaking over this guest. I love how the mayor didn't answer the question about having his own armed security and avoided that answer. In the news article that was posted in an earlier thread HERE the mayor said there was NO cut backs but here he is saying there is and that it doesn’t affect service. So how is less people on staff giving that same amount of service?
Posted By: Michael
01/30/13 04:37 PM

hey look. passion vs logic in the gun debate. whoda thunk it. Id vote for Clarke for pretty much any office he ran for. He has that I don't care what you think of me, I am going to do whats best for the people" attitutde.

Its what both parties are severely lacking in its members these days. Clarke for president!
Posted By: holymoleygone
01/30/13 05:37 PM

Now I remembered why I never watch CNN (Communist News Network). That Morgan fellow is nothing but a pin head, condescending, arrogant piece of ass wipe. God, why do people watch this crap. The Sheriff knows the residence of his county are in trouble and shit bird Mayor and his flock of propaganda followers want the public to bury their heads in the sand. Why the Sheriff even submitted to an interview with CNN is beyond me, but I do think he did an excellent job of defending himself against Mr. Hollywood Morgan. I thought the public agreed to tar and feather Morgan and ship his sorry butt back to England riding on a pole.