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Three Home Invaders vs a Mom. Mom Wins! (Texas)

A home invasion suspect showed up with a gunshot wound at an area hospital after a botched home invasion. Erin said she was putting her son to bed when she heard a loud noise coming from her bedroom in her ranch style home on Mink Lake drive.

She recalls the terrifying moments when three Hispanic men forced their way into her home: "I threw the cover over my son and I took off running, screaming to the living room to let my dogs out".

What she saw was three masked men, at least one of them armed with a gun. When she seen that she knew she was in trouble. There was no one else in the house but Erin and her 6-year-old. She told them to take the TV because they had nothing else that was worth taking but little did they know she did have something else waiting for them.

Erin had a gun hidden under the mattress. She led the men to the room by telling them she sometimes keeps money under her mattress. Erin was ready but she needed some way to get it... a distraction.

Someone must have been looking out for her because in came her dogs and they started barking. "They all turned around and looked. I grabbed my gun, cocked it, I turned and shot him right in the stomach," she tells the reporter

Two men took off and the third one confronted her and they started to fight. He kneed her in the face and got the gun and ran. Luckily he didn’t stay.
After he took off she went next door to a neighbor’s house with her kid. The neighbor grabbed his shotgun and searched her house and yard but the criminals were gone.

Things could have been worse for Erin but she wasn’t giving up, she said she is a proud gun owner and "thousands of people died to give me that right that saved my life".

She is sporting a shiner when she got kneed in the face and I can’t remember ever seeing better looking one; that is one that can be worn with pride.
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Posts: News / Three Home Invaders vs a Mom. Mom Wins! (Texas)

Posted By: Texar
02/02/13 01:59 PM

Good for her!! Could have ended much differently! To bad her aim was a little