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Ron Paul Disrespects Chris Kyle

The rabble rabble of the people will always be there but any politician with any class at all would keep their mouth shut about the irony of Chris Kyle's death. Ron Paul apparently has no class and tweeted this...

"Chris Kyle's death seems to confirm that "he who lives by the sword dies by the sword." Treating PTSD at a firing range doesn't make sense."

What's funny to me is that either of these statements would be harmless individually, but together its pure disrespect, like he deserved to die for doing what he did...putting his life on the line to help a fellow soldier. Who does that sound like? Oh yeah, sounds like Chris Kyle.

Maybe this is what Ron Paul really meant and what he wrote was just the mother of all typos.

"He who lives putting his life in harms way to help others dies putting his life in harms way to help others."

That's what I am tweeting today, anyways.

Thanks for everything, Chris!
About the Author:
Michael is a career programmer who started easy bake gun club with his friends when they couldn't go shooting because of the great ammo shortage of 2012. When he isn't writing code or shooting guns, he can be found playing video games or recording sissy new wave nerd rock.

Posts: News / Ron Paul Disrespects Chris Kyle

Posted By: holymoleygone
02/05/13 02:23 PM

Yep, he is always putting his foot in his mouth. He even thinks Iran should have nukes. What a putz.
Posted By: Michael
02/05/13 02:36 PM

its a shame. he has a lot of refreshing ideas, but he has some fucking retarded ideas too.