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'Safe' church has 'right people carrying guns'; Pastor speaks out

Pastor whose congregation attacked by arsenal-laden man speaks out

The good book says turn the other cheek but can you? Can you watch someone you know or love be shot down for no reason at all? In an interview, Pastor Brady Boyd of New Life Church drew lessons from the December 2007 attack after a Sunday morning service that killed two people and injured three.

Quoted: With 300 million guns available in American culture, we’re way past the tipping point,” the pastor said. “Unless you’re going to go door to door and confiscate our guns, it’s not going to work. Another set of laws wouldn’t have prevented it.”

When you are in a situation and a shooting happens and lives are in danger it is not hard to have a different option after all a pastor’s job is to protect his flock

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Posts: News / 'Safe' church has 'right people carrying guns'; Pastor speaks out

Posted By: Texar
02/10/13 11:47 AM

Good thing they had someone there to stop this guy or things could have been much worse.
I know the bible teaches us alot about love and to be humble and meek, but I get sick of hearing people say for christians to "turn the other cheek". You only have 2 cheeks to turn...then what????? turn over and give 'em your other two cheeks?? That sure wouldn't be christian like!!! They expect us to just sit and take it and be weak but they don't want to hear about the violent taking something by force!! Jesus didn't go in the temple and hug and kiss on the money changers, he went in the temple turning over tables and running them out with a whip!!!(John 2:13-16, Matt. 21:12-13)
My Pastor is a decorated 3 tour Vietnam Vet and a very strong advocate of gun rights. He has also organized CHL classes for the congregation in the past. All I have to say is that if someone comes in one of our services with monkey business on their mind they deserve what they've got coming.........and it very likely won't be LOVE!!
Posted By: holymoleygone
02/10/13 02:41 PM

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!
Posted By: barstoolguru
02/10/13 03:03 PM

My brother belongs to a Jewish religion (we are born catholic) and every once in a while they offer CCW classes to the worshipers because they feel that god will help you but you still have to help yourself. After all he did say an eye for an eye