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Video - Ashley's First Time... Shooting a Gun

First post on in a few weeks. Took a while to get back up to spped since the apartment was broken into (read previous posts on to catch up with the story).

It feels great to be able to post videos again. I just received my new lap top computer this week, so it;s nice to be back at the editing table.

It's been a stressful few weeks, both personally and professionally, which prompted me to invite one of my soldiers, who has also been stressed out, his lovely wife Ashley and a couple other friends, for a night of shooting and pizza!

We had a great time, my good friend Ryan, who has been featured in several previous videos, brought along his brand new Remington R1 -1911 and boy was I ever impressed. It had an impressively light trigger pull, even lighter than my Springfield 1911-A1. I brought along a variety of firearms including; Smith and Wesson 3913 and 5906, Sig Sauer P226 and a couple of shot guns, the CAI double barrel and the Rock Island M5 pump action.

Click the link above to watch the video!

Posts: News / Video - Ashley's First Time... Shooting a Gun

Posted By: Michael
02/13/13 03:01 AM

Glad to have you back. Hope everything is back on track for you.
Posted By: Jayson
02/13/13 08:25 PM

Didn't read the entire title. Thought I was going to watch an entirely different video
Posted By: Michael
02/13/13 10:30 PM

lol. careful, she knows how to shoot now
Posted By: Jayson
02/13/13 10:33 PM

ummm... I was thinking para-sailing?