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Gun Confiscation Would Lead to Second American Revolution - Sheriff Clarke

What is there not to like about this guy, I can see why he is where he is. Too bad that moron police chief of Chicago can't get his head out of mayor’s ass , he might be able to get something done

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Posts: News / Gun Confiscation Would Lead to Second American Revolution - Sheriff Clarke

Posted By: barstoolguru
02/28/13 11:30 AM

just for the record, they are saying the same thing I did here earlier in other posts that if the Mexican government got a list of gun owner they would use it to target homes here on this side of the border~~ time for a tin foil hat Michael ? Laughing

Posted By: Michael
02/28/13 04:43 PM

Not sure what you mean on the tin foil hat. I do love Clarke though. I love how he doesnt seem the sligthest bit emotional one way or the other...just understanding the problem and the solution.
Posted By: barstoolguru
02/28/13 05:34 PM

I had made a comment on the government taking over on another thread and you made a comment along the line that I might be over thinking the whole thing about the government. usually people refer to people like that needing a tin foil hat (conspiracy theories)
Posted By: Michael
02/28/13 05:44 PM

oh. no the one that i said was over the top was the one that just had 2 guys hypothesizing over obama firing military personnel that were unwilling to shoot at targets of pregnant women with guns. there was no evidence of it, just weak hearsay from an unnamed source. i heard more about that too, apparently there was no evidence that the targets were ordered by the government only evidence that the company that the government orders from also makes those targets.

if registration is pushed at this point, i dont think its part of an agenda of the current administration, but it doesnt change the fact, that it could very lead to confiscation so it doesnt matter if there is an agenda or not. i do also believe that if they try and take will be a dark and bloody time for the country. i sure hope that shit dont happen though.
Posted By: barstoolguru
02/28/13 06:03 PM

I hope you right in way but as we seen in New Orleans people say one thing and do another. Unless there is some kind of unification the ones that will fight are few and far between