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Are you a "gun toting tea party psychotard"? (New York)

Are you a gun toting, tea party, psychotard?

Are you sure?

Alderman David Marston sure seems to think so. As you can see from this post on Facebook, Alderman Marston had a decidedly un-political response to an organizer for Gun Rights Across America.

It's definitely worth the read if you'd like a good laugh, my fellow psychotards.

Posts: News / Are you a "gun toting tea party psychotard"? (New York)

Posted By: Michael
03/13/13 04:26 PM

I read the whole facebook thing. i really didnt understand what was happening. but it looked like standard polarized bickering to me. Ive talked to a lot of cops btw, not specifically about new york, but just about how they feel about citizens carrying. ive noticed its about 33/33/33 yes, no, dont care.
Posted By: Jayson
03/13/13 09:34 PM

"33/33/33 yes, no, dont care."
I can be okay with the first two, but the "don't care" ones surprise me
Posted By: Michael
03/14/13 03:18 PM

i actually prefer the dont care. dont care from a cop typically means "doesnt matter to me if they have a protocol assumes they do and i have the training and mindset to deal with it"