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18 man brawl at Chuck E Cheese (FloriDUH)

Just when you think it safe at a kids birthday party a fight breaks out and not just any fight but an 18 man brawl. What started out with two men getting into an argument spills out into the restaurant area.

Not only did they skip out on a 300 dollar bill but they drove to a nearby street to continue the ruckus, which ended with a man being shot.

Someone on her side of the car had also thrown out packages containing marijuana, Xanax, crack cocaine and morphine, police added.

Chuck e cheese is now offering BULLET PROOF vests to anyone that request one

About the Author:
old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / 18 man brawl at Chuck E Cheese (FloriDUH)

Posted By: Dennis
03/19/13 11:38 PM

My wife can not understand why I do carry when we take our Grandson there. The one we go to is a mixture of Obama's hometown and East Side Los Angeles.
Posted By: Michael
03/20/13 12:01 AM

i dont understand why anyone would not have their gun anywhere they were legally allowed to have it.
Posted By: barstoolguru
03/20/13 12:36 AM

you can't carry in chuckie's, they are posted. its a co policy
Posted By: Dennis
03/20/13 01:25 AM

Not in Texas. Not a 30.06 Notice. Sign is not enforceable Just a scare tactic for people that do not know the Law. Not like turds will obey anyway..

Posted By: Michael
03/20/13 01:28 AM

in florida signs dont work where not covered by law. concealed is concealed. worst they can do is throw you off the property.
Posted By: Jayson
03/20/13 10:18 PM

"My wife can not understand why I do carry when we take our Grandson"

I would always carry if I was with my kids (if I had them). Protecting myself, my family and my friends is why I carry