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Going to church, make sure you grab your gun (Washington)

Since the Newtown shooting life as we know it in the USA has changed and there is no place it shows more than in churches so much so that law makers are scraping thoughts of barring guns from god’s house.

Like schools churches have been seen as an easy target but that though it changing as more and more churches are offering self-defense and gun classes.

"In the world, there are predators and prey," he said. "A gazelle has the right to fight off a lion with its horns and hoofs — that's its right. But what the gun-control people are saying is let's cut off your horns and hoofs so you can't protect yourself."

The classes not only focus on how to handle a gun, but also when and how to legally use it. God bless our house and pass the ammo

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Posts: News / Going to church, make sure you grab your gun (Washington)

Posted By: barstoolguru
03/24/13 02:07 PM

here is another article on Church Celebrates 2nd Amendment, Kids Make Pop-Tart Guns During Sunday School

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