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NRA pushes for Open Carry in Florida in 2013

If at first you don't succeed - try again with more money.

In 2011, Florida State Senator Greg Evers proposed an open carry law that would have allowed Concealed Weapon Permit holders to open carry. The proposed legislation breezed through committees in the state House ann Senate but met heavy resistance from state law enforcement. While the open carry portion failed, state law was changed so that CWP holders would not penalized for "briefly" displaying their firearm accidentally.

Marion Hammer, executive director Unified Sportsmen of Florida, the NRA's state lobbying arm announced today that the Association will pursue the bill again in the 2013 legislative session.

Posts: Carry Talk / NRA pushes for Open Carry in Florida in 2013

Posted By: Michael
08/08/12 10:49 PM

Open carry unnecessarily raises anxiety of the public. I also think there are tactical disadvantages. I hope this law doesn't pass. There are some who would see it as a means to get rid of concealed carry and then open carry. kind of a 1 step back to get 2 steps forward scenario.