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Granny gets a gun; Intruder gets arrested (Washington)

Sandy Mize is a 63-year-old grandmother of 10 living in Spokane, Washington. She's also no stranger to crime. Back in 2010 her home was robbed while she was away. Early Wednesday morning (April 3rd), crime came while she was home.

Jackass Sean Denny was first spotted breaking the windows of a business a few blocks away. According to neighbor James Bryant, "We hear this big k-sshhh and I looked out my window and I saw a guy at the corner of the building and I am like I am going to go check this out". Bryant then ran Denny off and called the police. Police arrived and began chasing after Denny with K-9 units and began a search.

Around the time the K-9 units arrived at the first scene, Denny randomly picked a home to hide in - the home of Sandy Mize. What happened in that encounter? Let's leave it to the words of Spokane Police Lieutenant Dean Sprague:

"Lady called saying that somebody had forced their way into her house, she had grabbed a firearm that she kept for her own personal protection, fired one round, ended up hitting the wall and then she held him at gunpoint in her living while the police responded".

Denny tried to make one last ditch effort to escape and, as he opened the back door, ran into... the K-9 units tracking him. According to Lt. Sprague, "He is receiving treatment from a minor injury from that".

And what do the neighbors think? "I think it's great," neighbor Vicki Plastino said. "She's wonderful. More power to ya woman."

Sandy fired one round, which hit her door, pictured, not the intruder

Posts: News / Granny gets a gun; Intruder gets arrested (Washington)

Posted By: Jayson
04/04/13 09:56 PM

He's lucky it wasn't my grandmother's house. She don't fire warning shots son.