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Posts: Tactical Talk / Footwork

338Ronin Post Author Photo: 338Ronin
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04/08/13 05:11 PM


Many shooters concentrate so much on their weapons handling skills they are missing or have no understanding of the FOOTWORK component of gun fighting. And without this component their shooting foundation is weak, literally.  Proper footwork will get you out of trouble just as fast as you got into trouble.

Next time you are taking a shooting course see if the instructor actually covers footwork.  Next time you are on the range just look down the line and see how many shooters are standing flatfooted.  Short of a physical disability you should be on the balls of your feet in an aggressive fight stance.  

So here is a practice tip.  Take two tennis balls and cut them in half.  Place the tennis balls on the ground in a diamond formation.  The diamond formation should be approximately shoulders width apart.  Get into your aggressive shooting stance and remain on the BALLS of your feet.  Now start pivoting on the balls of your feet.  Now start stepping from tennis ball to tennis ball never allowing your feet to touch each other.  NEVER EVER allow your feet to come together for this is referred to as polling.  When your feet are touching your shooting base is VERY WEAK and you can be pushed over.  As you are stepping from ball to ball continue to pivot in multiple directions as if you are engaging multiple targets.  Also, start lowering your height line.  Go from an aggressive shooting stance to an aggressive shooting squat.  

As time progresses with the this training you will find that this stance and movement will become second nature.  Always keep weapon safety in mind and ensure you have a complete safe weapon before you practice.

"Laziness will cause you pain."

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