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Posts: Tactical Talk / FIDS - Find, Identify, Shoot, No Shoot

338Ronin Post Author Photo: 338Ronin
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TACTICAL TALK: FIDS - Find, Identify, Shoot, No Shoot
04/08/13 05:14 PM


While conducting your firearms training you should have your shooting partner set out multiple NO SHOOT targets and mix in one or two SHOOT targets.   In a deadly force encounter it is necessary to be able to properly identify your target and be able to justify why you deployed deadly force.  To improve your decision making process, TACTICAL TALK OODA Cycle , the FIDS cycle should be incorporated into your training.  FIDS stands for; FIND, IDENTIFY, SHOOT or NO SHOOT. 

During your training if it is possible to set out multiple targets at once the targets should be set at various angles.  With firearms safety one should be aware of their target and what is behind or downrange of their target.  If you are going to engage a shoot target what is your backdrop?  In the real world a solid concrete wall or dirt mound would be great but that is not always the case.  Plus you are not on a flat square range that is level and free of debris.  It may be necessary to take a different angle due to your backdrop, TACTICAL TALK FOOT WORK , in order to engage your threat target.  Keep in mind that angle may also be VERTICAL.  

I want you to get off that square range mentality were every target is a shoot target.  Train for the real world. 

“When you fail to train, someone else is; when you meet, just pray they are on your side.”

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Michael Post Author Photo: Michael
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04/09/13 07:35 PM

I think about the 'no shoot' often. I worry about shooting a friendly, or hesitaiting too long. 

I absolutely think training with this in mind could be helpful. maybe that second of decision can be trained down to a nanosecond instead.
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