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Posts: Tactical Talk / Smooth Trigger Press 2

338Ronin Post Author Photo: 338Ronin
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Trigger Press
04/15/13 10:35 AM

I recently read an article from one of my professional periodicals titled “The Trigger-Reset Method Controversy”. The Author claims that the trigger-reset method requires fine motor skills and under stress situations we loose those fine motor skills and we revert to slapping the trigger. The author's recommendation is what he describes as the “rolling trigger method” in which the trigger finger remains in motion for a “controlled slap” of the trigger. I am not saying this method will not work and slapping a trigger when your target is at arms distance may not be a problem. However, slapping a trigger when the target is at more than arms length in distance GREATLY increases your chances of a miss.

What are gross motor skills? Gross motor skills involve the large muscles of the body that enable such functions as running, punching, or throwing an object. Gross motor skills are important for major body movements.  What are fine motor skills?  Fine motor skills are skills that involve the use of the small muscles controlling the hand, fingers, and thumb.

If we do loose our fine motor skills in a stressful situations why is there a slide release on my pistol?  I know the slide release or slide lock is used to lock the slide to the rear but I am trying to make a point. Truth be told I can't remember the last time I used my slide release to chamber a round in my pistol. Without fine motor skills how would you even manipulate the trigger in the first place?   For the weapon to be of any use I have to press the trigger.  Trigger manipulation and manipulating the side release button are  fine motor skills.

It is my opinion, if you train PROPERLY, FREQUENTLY, and add STRESS INOCUALTION into your training you will develop what some call “procedural memory”. Procedural memory is automatically retrieved for the execution of step-by-step functions. This process occurs without the need for conscious control or attention. When I wrote about smooth trigger press I told you to start slow and keep the trigger depressed all the way to the rear and slowly reset the trigger. This is done to build prodcedural memory. Once you have mastered the trigger-reset then you can keep the trigger in a “continuous motion” without slapping the trigger.

"Think strong, be strong, think weak, be weak.  It's your choice."

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