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What do you mean I can't own a gun because I'm a felon? (South Carolina)

The homeowner Robert Anthony Martinez, 32 is claiming he was defending himself was arrested and held without bond when he shot a man through a door.

Police showed up on Tuesday afternoon (April 16th) to find a man on the front porch with his finger hanging off and a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Martinez had shot the man through the door. It was explained that the two men had an ongoing conflict and the man had broken into the house before. On the day in question he was trying to kick in the door.

The homeowner might be in the right to defend his home BUT he is a convicted felon and can’t own a gun. At least that is what the law says. So much for background checks.

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old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / What do you mean I can't own a gun because I'm a felon? (South Carolina)

Posted By: Michael
04/17/13 03:20 PM

I'd just like to point out that myrtle beach isnt in florida...its one of the carolinas, not sure which. also, in florida, it is illegal to shoot someone through a door. he'd have been arrested either way.
Posted By: barstoolguru
04/17/13 04:33 PM

I knew there was something wrong with that map I bought in Mexico. are you sure they might have just moved it there in the last week or so. juan said it was good
Posted By: Michael
04/17/13 05:16 PM

Posted By: Jason
04/19/13 01:33 PM

Mike and I have had the conversation before but I believe that non-violent felons should have their rights reinstated when they have finished their sentences. Then again, with this guys tattoos, I'm betting against a non-violent felony.