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Bad training and policies or just really stupid cops (somewhere over the pond) lol

Police where call to the home of 32-year-old Andrew Pimlott for a domestic violence call. When they got there they were told he was in the back yard with a can of gasoline and was threatening to kill himself.

So what do you do in a situation like this, "We'll Taser him and that will save his life"...WRONG. What they did was start the biggest weenie cook-off this side of the Mississippi. I guess it never dawned on them that a spark from let’s say a “Taser” would ever ignite GASOLINE (Umm, have you two ever heard of the combustion engine)

And how do the cover their asses: "Our investigation will be looking at what information was known to the officers attending the scene; the officer's rationale for discharging a Taser on a person known to be doused in flammable liquid; whether the discharge of the Taser caused the fuel to ignite; and we will look at training and policies."

Witnesses said: "We saw two police officers appear from the side of the house. One of them jumped on the burning man and put him on the floor. The officers were shouting to each other and the one who had put him to the ground got an old duvet or cover and started smacking the burning man with it. There was steam coming off him and he was groaning. The sight was sickening."

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Posts: News / Bad training and policies or just really stupid cops (somewhere over the pond) lol

Posted By: holymoleygone
04/29/13 11:23 AM

Ah, I got you this time Barstool. This did not happen in the USA, it happened in England not Massachusetts! I thought the IPCC was kinda odd so I checked it out.

You gonna correct your mistake?
Posted By: barstoolguru
04/29/13 12:09 PM

When I read "Man in Plymouth" I looked it up because some of these articles don't give states and Mass. came up so now you know how I got that. And NO I am not going to correct it.... I will give you your 5 minutes of celebratory dancing in your underwear in front of your computer... ENJOY…lmfao
Posted By: holymoleygone
04/29/13 03:30 PM

Hey, how did you know I was in my underwear? I only lasted 2 minutes without my oxygen mask on!