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king Bloomberg was refused 2nds at a Brooklyn pizza joint by owner

A Brooklyn Italian restaurant told king Bloomberg he couldn’t have a second slice of pizza BECAUSE it wasn’t good for him. The owner was giving him a dose of his own “nannyisms” in protest to Bloomberg’s policy’s on soda

Quoted from the article:
"I'm sorry sir," he replied, "we can't do that. You've reached your personal slice limit."

Look jackass," Bloomberg retorted, his anger boiling, "I fucking skipped breakfast this morning just so I could eat four slices of your pizza. Don't be a schmuck, just get back to the kitchen and bring out some fucking pizza, okay."

"I'm sorry sir. We're serious," Benito insisted. "We've decided that eating more than one piece isn't healthy for you, and so we're forbidding you from doing it."

Bloomberg being shown up was embarrassed and mad got up with the rest of his party and went to another restaurant to finish their meal

About the Author:
old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / king Bloomberg was refused 2nds at a Brooklyn pizza joint by owner

Posted By: barstoolguru
05/04/13 02:25 PM

a true NYer or someone from jersey knows its a SLICE of pie...

"give me two slices"  no wonder he was refused; the owner couldn't understand him
Posted By: barstoolguru
05/04/13 04:50 PM

looks like it was all a hoax as much as we wanted to see it happen. someone played a dirty trick
Posted By: Jayson
05/05/13 11:51 AM

Hoax or not, it was funny and proves it's point. Hopefully Bloomberg has seen it.