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The best excuse for shooting your wife's lover 'I thought he was raping her' (FloriDUH)

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Wald, 70, was acquitted of second-degree murder and cleared of all charges for the shooting death of Walter Conley, 32 that was polishing (having sex) his trophy wife Johnna Lynn Flores, 41.

Prosecutors argued that Wald, who suffered from erectile dysfunction, killed Conley in a jealous rage when he discovered him polishing his trophy wife in the living room of their house. (Better keep an eye Juan the pool boy)

"It's a personal insult to conduct that kind of activity in a man's home, his castle. It cuts to the quick. It's brazen," Assistant State Attorney Chris Moody said in closing arguments. "That kind of deep and personal insult, when you find another man having sex in your living room and you can't, would make you want to lash out. And he did." (What about her, he didn’t shoot her… she was there wasn’t she)

Now that MR Wald is out of jail what are you going to do? Mrs. Flores responds “he had promised me a special celebration; "Because my husband puts me first, he's taking me to the Waffle House," (Is that true lover or what?)

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Posts: News / The best excuse for shooting your wife's lover 'I thought he was raping her' (FloriDUH)

Posted By: Michael
05/31/13 05:39 PM

that waffle house part isnt true is it?
Posted By: barstoolguru
05/31/13 10:02 PM

That is what the article says, I did not make it up! I told my woman about it and she said I don't care about her because I never taken her to a waffle house…lol

any time I hear about waffle shack I think of this song
Worst Waffle Shack (In the Nation)