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Police response takes 40 minutes

Here ya go, 40 minutes to respond to a man with a knife (18 inch knife is more like a short sword). No state police, no city police and no sheriff deputies available! It should be noted that the small community of Umapine is on the Oregon/ Washington border and only has Umatilla county sheriff deputy to cover for law enforcement. But the city of Milton-Freewater has a police force and is only 15 minutes away but they did not respond. State police must have been unavailable also. Sure nice to have such a quick response to a violent call for help. Federal supreme court has ruled that citizens do not have the right to sue law enforcement agencies for failure to protect! The only right you have as a citizen, is the right to defend and protect yourself. Prepare to defend yourself :~)

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Posts: News / Police response takes 40 minutes

Posted By: Michael
06/04/13 03:49 PM

it blows my mind how obvious this problem is yet how oblivious people seem to be of it.
Posted By: barstoolguru
06/04/13 04:06 PM

they have a real problem up there, this is the second time we have heard of the cops not showing up or very slow to show