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American Ammo hording hits Australian shores

The gun buying frenzy in America has affected the Australian market. Ammo is being scarfed up at an all-time rate here in the USA

"Basically the American community is consuming the ammunition and the ammunition manufacturers can't keep up." Australia's eight main firearm wholesalers source about 80 % of their stock from the United States.

Firearm importers in Australia are being told to brace for supplies to run extremely thin or completely dry within weeks.

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Posts: News / American Ammo hording hits Australian shores

Posted By: holymoleygone
06/09/13 11:12 AM

Why do the folks down under need ammo? The government destroyed almost all their guns anyway! No handguns allowed, only single shot rifle and shotguns. In Australia, you can only have a firearm (with government permission) if you have a genuine need. Self defense or protection, is not one of those needs. Australia gun ban has left their citizens defenseless against criminals! Ever wonder why Australia does not classify home invasion as a violent crime? Because their stats would sky rocket. The crimes against the elderly in Australia have increase dramatically because of their inability to defend themselves.
Nice going Australia.