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Another youtube king shoots himself. BigDawgBeav say it was the gun.

He was in a match and when holstering it the gun went off BUT it was the guns fault. So now what makes a gun that has no problems BEFORE you touch it go off. Sorry but this guy need to owe up and face the music. At least Tex Grebner owed up to his ND

video 1 BigDawgBeav

tex Grebner
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Posts: News / Another youtube king shoots himself. BigDawgBeav say it was the gun.

Posted By: Michael
07/02/13 01:25 AM

I am not looking to rip on this guy. I think ive watched some of his videos before and he seems to know his stuff, but man i wish that camera was on the other side and Id love to know what holster he is using, because The Js and I were having a conversation a few weeks ago about how our kydex holsters vs our leather or nylon holsters promote a kind of finger folding where it pushes our finger that isnt on the trigger and folds it into the trigger as you holster.

we have also had many discussions about how fast or careless holstering doesnt need to happen. get it out quick, but you can put it back slow. i don't see anything in the video that proves this is negligent and not in fact a weapons malfunction, but i find it unlikely. My money is on the folding finger theory. That and maybe BigDawg should watch his gun and his holster when he is holstering...he didnt look down until he shot himself. Glad he is okay. hope to hear more about any potential problems with his gun.
Posted By: barstoolguru
07/02/13 10:03 AM

the Blackhawk serpa seem to be a big problem with ND's at to the position it puts your finger in as you draw and a lot of training sites have either banned it or made the owner rig the holster so the locking mechanize is inoperative.
Posted By: holymoleygone
07/04/13 11:02 AM

Finger on the trigger makes the gun go BANG!