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Proof the military is getting ready for a take over under Martial law (NC)

Man gets arrested for trespassing on a city park when he was filming the military training for Martial law and urban assaults in Charlotte, NC.

Quoted: However, this video demonstrates what the government knows, and ordinary people are usually too naïve to understand - public property doesn’t mean the public or taxpayers own it, or that they have rights to it. It means the government owns it, and they make the rules.

About the Author:
old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / Proof the military is getting ready for a take over under Martial law (NC)

Posted By: holymoleygone
07/07/13 01:37 PM

What a dumb ass! This area looks like a mall, not a city park. Malls are private property open to the public. This was some asshole wanting to push his own idea of the definition of public property. You can see the cones set up to keep the public out of the safety zone. Where else is the military going to practice urban rescue or assaults, in the middle of the damn desert? This could be a simulation rescue of downed aircraft in some city over in Afghanistan. Shitbird interfering with training and then makes sure he thanks the army personnel for his service, what a dick head! This is total bull shit! Anyone that has been in the military knows that training in an environment your likely to encounter, will save lives. The officer is a representative of the city and can enforce trespass laws, especially when shitbird was requested to leave. Tell it to the judge you dumb ass.
Posted By: Michael
07/07/13 01:56 PM

Yeah it seems to me they just wanted him out of the middle of their training area. the military guy even said..."hang out and film all you want, just stay back for your safety" now did they have the authority to take him into custody? I don't know. its always a bitch when cops get in trouble for overstepping their bounds on account of a douche-bag being a douche-bag, but one of the first qualities departments look for in candidates for recruits is the ability to take decisive action and thats what he did.
Posted By: holymoleygone
07/07/13 03:19 PM

You are correct Mike, if its city owned property then the officer is acting as an agent for the city, therefor has the right to ask people to leave a restricted area for safety reasons. When shitbird starts spouting his constitutional rights, I would have asked him what article of the constitution is he referring to. The city has the right to restrict people from public area's, like city parks opening only during daylight times or any other rules that are made for public safety. This shitbird was inside the safety area and refused to leave. Hope the judge hammers this dumbass so he can tell his fellow prisoners all about his knowledge of the constitution! I heard the officer tell him to leave or be subject to trespass. The officer is not out of line on this case. What if something happened and a blade or some projectile hit the trespasser and caused injury? He would probably sue the city for not telling him to leave the danger area. This encounter was obviously provoked for his You Tube buddies. Military trying to take over is bull shit!
Posted By: holymoleygone
07/07/13 03:24 PM

Did someone ask what the training was for? Training for martial law is a real stretch of the imagination.
Posted By: barstoolguru
07/07/13 04:41 PM

I always say don't argue with them (unless its and complain later. take it from a man that has spent time in the can; its a heck of a lot cheaper to fight it on the outside
Posted By: holymoleygone
07/07/13 05:33 PM

I got your back Barstoolguru buddy :~)
Posted By: Michael
07/07/13 08:56 PM

yeah because I have lots of LEO family people always ask me who was right... i always say that in the moment, the cop is always right.