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WE WANT GEORGE Z ARRESTED / police chief fired because upheld the laws of Florida.

The air waves are a buzzing on the facts that the Obama admiration came down to Florida and put the political pressure on the city of Stanford to arrest George Zimmerman. On my way home from FT worth I heard about it on three different talk show including Rush Limbaugh Erick holder and the Obama posse put the screws to the state of Florida for an arrest.

Now that their ship is sinking and it looks like GZ might get off the justice system is going to tell the jury they can convict on manslaughter and they adding third deg murder because the dope smoking gun toting thug was under 18 and was not an adult to satisfy the political population of the black house

“I had one of the city commissioners come to me on two different occasions and say, ‘All we want is an arrest.’ And I explained to them, ‘Well, you just can’t do that, you have to have probable cause to arrest somebody.’ And it was related to me that they just wanted an arrest, they didn’t care if it got dismissed later. And you don’t do that,” Lee told CNN’s George Howell.

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Posts: News / WE WANT GEORGE Z ARRESTED / police chief fired because upheld the laws of Florida.

Posted By: barstoolguru
07/11/13 01:31 PM

This Was a Trick’: Defense Erupts After Prosecution Tries to Get New 3rd-Degree Murder Charge Added During Zimmerman Trial (Update: Judge Denies Request)
Posted By: barstoolguru
07/11/13 03:28 PM

the judge dropped the third deg murder and a couple of other charges