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Man fired for pulling gun on knife-wielding robber (New Hampshire)

Shannon "Bear" Cothran was working at a Shell station owned by Nouria Energy Corp. in Nahua, New Hampshire Monday when a robber entered with a knife. How did Bear handle it?

He drew his handgun and took aim at the would be robber. No shots fired but the robber decided to leave rather quickly.

What also happened quickly was Bear being fired despite the efforts of his manager and district manager to save his job.

Here's the statement the company released. Notice the lip service to the right to bear arms while saying their employees should be disarmed and at the mercy of an armed attacker:

"Make no mistake: We care about the personal well-being of employees like Mr. Cothran, whose years of service are truly appreciated — not about the money in the cash register. So, we are especially grateful that this situation was resolved without injury. We do respect the constitutional right to bear arms. However, we believe the best way to keep our employees and customers safe is to prohibit weapons in the workplace."

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Posts: News / Man fired for pulling gun on knife-wielding robber (New Hampshire)

Posted By: mjg25
10/18/13 08:55 AM

I'm sorry but I agree with the Companies decision and stand against guns. I also stand with our government and congress who say law abiding citizens need their guns and protection taken away. It's crazy for any american to think this will not work, how is it americans do not understand that if the goverment muddies up the waters and creates more laws upon the same laws we won't feel safer? Do you people really not understand the if we can't defend ourselves against government and criminals how much SAFER you will be in this country. The government is suppling money, weapons and ammo to drug lords, terriost groups and missionary's who will protect the law abiding citizen against harm. WAKE UP AMERICAN'S, THE TRUTH IS WHAT obama SAYS IT IS......Now take this country back from this lying tyrannical goverment, don't vote these guys back in. PROTECT OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS AND OUR CONSTITUTION this government is not following!!!!