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DGU of the year: Family rescues kidnapped woman, kills abductor (Louisiana)

At 5:20p.m. Wednesday (November 6th) Lafayette, Louisiana police responded to a report of a kidnapping at a day care. That call would be the catalyst in a string of events that ultimately led to a family responding before police could even find the victim.

29-year-old Bethany Arceneaux had been kidnapped by the father of her child, Scott Thomas. Witnesses report that Thomas forced Bethany into his car, a late model white Buick LeSabre and peeled away from the day care. Bethany's 2-year-old daughter was left in the back of her car, unharmed.

Approximately 7:30 that night, police found the Buick LeSabre abandoned on the side of the road in Duson, Louisiana, some 15 miles from the site of the abduction.

While police continued investigating, Bethany's family got into gear and organized a search of their own search party for their missing relative. The family headed to Thomas's home town where they were tipped off about an abandoned house not far away.

A half dozen armed family members headed towards the house while the rest of the family stayed behind distributing flyers and seeking other leads. As the family members approached the house they distinctly heard Bethany crying for help. The men kicked down the door of the house and saw Bethany covered in blood from multiple stab wounds.

Bethany's brother Ryan Arceneaux said she, "(she was) Just screaming … 'help, help'. That’s about it".

A confrontation began between the half dozen family members and Thomas. At some point during the confrontation, Thomas attacked Bethany again - that attack was met with gunfire. The family members quickly grabbed Bethany and drove her to Lafayette General Medical Center where she is listed in stable condition.

After being notified of shots fired at the abandoned house the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Special Reaction Team surrounded the house and made entry. Once inside they found Thomas dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

"The man began harming her. He (Arceneaux’s family member) did what he needed to do to stop that aggressive behavior from Mr. Thomas," Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Captain Kip Judice said. "We have to put all the information together before we can comment further on the extent of that confrontation."

While police were searching in another area, Bethany's family is very proud of their actions. According to Bethany's brother Harold Carter, "We didn’t wait. We got up this morning, and we went and did what we had to do. We did not wait on the authorities. We did it our own selves."

I'll let Ryan have the last word in this article, "If we would have waited, she would have been dead".

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Posts: News / DGU of the year: Family rescues kidnapped woman, kills abductor (Louisiana)

Posted By: barstoolguru
11/09/13 08:21 PM

great story of a family standing together. I am sure a half a dozen men with guns made a difference in the family of the suspect giving up info