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What would you do? Strange acting man with a firearm at a gas station (updated) (Pennsylvania)

When is it OK to get involved? This situation out of New Stanton, Pennsylvania seems to ask exactly that!

A man is acting strange outside of a gas station and is obviously displaying a gun. Police in this case have said the gun was a .45. A patron at the gas station approaches him and asks him about his behavior and the gun. Somehow the Good Samaritan gains access to the firearm. At this point the other man begins acting aggressive and advancing on the Good Samaritan.

Despite two warnings to stay back, the strange acting man continues to approach and the Good Samaritan fires a single shot to the leg.

Was he within his rights to get involved? Gow did he know the suspect was carrying illegally? Does he have a right to get involved? What would you do?

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Posts: News / What would you do? Strange acting man with a firearm at a gas station (updated) (Pennsylvania)

Posted By: barstoolguru
11/26/13 02:49 PM

update: here is a follow up article that gives a little more info on what happened

A disabled Army veteran who disarmed, then shot a man acting erratically and waving a gun at a busy New Stanton intersection on Tuesday said he believes his action “saved lives.”