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Ohio is one step closer to Stand Your Ground

Skittles? Really? Is this the new battle cry for Democrats?

As Rep. Alicia Reece, D-Cincinnati, holds Skittles up and protests the Stand Your Ground law passing through the Ohio House. HB 203, a multifaceted gun bill, passed the House 62-27 yesterday and includes the standard language for Stand Your Ground laws.

Ohio House Minority Leader Tracey Maxwell Heard tweeted, "Glad we did right by suburban kids with peanut allergies today. Too bad we couldn’t do the same for kids from the ’hood allergic to bullets".

Representative Terry Johnson responded, "What about a life that can be saved? This provision benefits the victims of violent crime. Someone attacked by a criminal and defends himself or herself should not face a prosecutor and be forced to prove that he or she could not have retreated. A person facing a life-threatening situation should not face a duty to flee and hope for the best".

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Posted By: barstoolguru
11/26/13 11:15 AM

black leaders are calling it "the kill at will bill" and who is against it

Opponents including black legislators, youth and church groups decried the dangers of an Ohio “stand your ground” self-defense proposal on Wednesday, as the expansive gun measure cleared the state House. Protesters at one point interrupted the lengthy debate,

"we need to protect our thieving crack smoking, unemployed , thug children "