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Why Concealed Carry is Necessary

This is one of those stories that reminds you how quickly things can go from fun to dangerous and why concealed carry is necessary. The short version of the facts is this:

A 43-year-old man was riding his motorcycle in Chicago (stop, stop... i know, Chicago has no concealed carry but let me finish the story) when a 4-year-old girl ran out into the street in front of him. The rider put his motorcycle on the ground, suffering serious leg and shoulder injuries. Despite his heroic efforts the little girl was hit by the bike causing minor injuries.

What happened next? The girls father and uncle attacked the downed rider and began beating him. The rider was able to reach for his firearm and shoot the father once in the groin - killing him.

How was this possible in the land of gun restrictions? The rider was an 8 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department who was off duty at the time.

As terrifying as this situation was for the downed officer, it would have been far worse for an ordinary Illinoisian (I googled it and that's what they are) because the Illinois General Assembly continues to ban law-abiding citizens from carrying firearms to protect themselves and their families.

As Richard Pearson, Executive Director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, said, "Had that cyclist been a civilian, he'd be dead today. He was lucky that he is a cop and is allowed to carry a concealed weapon while off duty. For millions of other good Illinois citizens, that level of self defense just isn't an option."

While concealed carry is often attacked, it's rare that stories like this are told to show just what is on the line in these situations.

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Posted By: Michael
08/17/12 12:38 AM

thats messed up. glad the guy was able to protect himself, but it sounds like the whole situation was awful.