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Colorado University - Guess Which Dorm Will Have More Crime

The Board of Regents for Colorado University and University of Colorado - Colorado Springs will be changing their student housing. The University will have separate student housing for those students possessing a legal concealed carry permit.

That's right, boys and girls, one dorm is armed and one is not. Can we do a follow up study of crime rates between the dorms in 5 years? I know which side my money thinks will have lower crime.

Posts: Second Amendment / Colorado University - Guess Which Dorm Will Have More Crime

Posted By: Jayson
08/20/12 01:55 PM

Damn. I wish I read this when you originally posted it. This is 'effin hilarious. I can just see the CCW dorm making fun of the non-CCW dorm, the non-CCW dorm bein' all pissed off but to scared to go over there.

Unfortunately, you know some jackass in the CCW Dorm is going to "accidentally" (meaning drunkenly) shoot himself or a fellow student within the first semester.
Posted By: Michael
08/20/12 02:54 PM

i just think its fantastic that the country is reimplementing segregation between 2 types of people.
Posted By: Jason
08/20/12 04:52 PM

Well, we all know how well governmental segregation goes over in this country. As long as things are separate but equal, right?