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Death to Bugs

The Bug-a-Salt

Yahoo news finally had somthing cool. This thing is awsome. It's a pump action gun that uses ordinary talble salt to kill bugs, flys, and other insects. I can't think of a better way to kill bugs, or more fun at least.

For a cost of only $30 I think I may be getting mine soon. You gotta watch this.

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Davie, FL. Born and raised.

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Posted By: Michael
08/16/12 09:06 PM

lol. theres gonna be salt all over the neighborhood.
Posted By: Jason
08/16/12 09:52 PM

Pre-ordered. That looks like a friggin blast. I wonder if it will take down a skeeter.
Posted By: Jayson
08/17/12 08:12 AM

Florida skeeters may require rock salt instead of table salt... kind of like hollow points over target loads.
Posted By: Jason
08/17/12 10:10 AM

Hell, for the skeeters here we need them to make a shotgun version of it. A birdshot version would be nice.
Posted By: Jayson
08/17/12 10:21 AM

I think it is like bird shot. There is another video that shows how much salt it shoots each time on their website