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Chicago PD to start using pseudoscience to justify racial profiling

Quoted: The Chicago Police Department has ramped up the use of its "predictive analysis" system to identify people it believes are likely to commit crimes. These people, who are placed on a "heat list," are visited by police officers who tell them that they are considered pre-criminals by CPD, and are warned that if they do commit any crimes, they are likely to be caught.

Does it sound familiar? There was a movie made with just this type of system. It was called the Minority report (2002) and it was based on the idea that people can be arrested BEFORE they committed a crime. Is Chicago using a system that allows them to racially profile people legally? To me it sounds like a clear violation of a person’s rights but hey after all its Chicago and they can give a damn less about civil rights.

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Posts: News / Chicago PD to start using pseudoscience to justify racial profiling

Posted By: Michael
02/26/14 03:13 PM

i thought minority report as soon as i read the headline. great movie though.
Posted By: barstoolguru
02/26/14 03:23 PM

I can see how this could work BUT just because a man did something in the past does not mean they will be a criminal in the future. its just another way to "stop and frisk" but on a larger scale
Posted By: Michael
02/26/14 07:48 PM

i think cross referencing profiles against viable suspects in an active investigation is acceptable, but if this is going to keep on being the land of the free (ahahahaha) then we can't start acting on predetermined behavior no matter how accurate it is.