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5th Grader Suspended for Finger Gun - a Level 2 Firearm Look Alike (Ohio)

5th grader Nathan Entingh of Columbus, Ohio was suspended from his elementary school for, and this is the actual reason, a level 2 look alike firearm. What was this dastardly firearm look alike? A blue gun? Airsoft? Paintball?

What? No... really? It's his fingers?

Yup, the 10 year old made the traditional finger gun while goofing off with a friend in class. No other kids saw it but the teacher did and, thanks to Ohio's zero tolerance law related to classroom disruptions, that was that. Nathan gets three days at home watching Spongebob.

That said, how cool would it be to know that your finger's make a level 2 firearm look alike? I mean, exactly how do I do that? Does the kid have magic hands that make it look more like a gun? If so, how do I get some?

I'm not even getting into yet another discussion about how stupid the response to finger guns is right now. Instead, let's figure out the Columbus City Schools statistics look like this:

2012-2013 school year
Firearms look alike's:

Suspensions: 69
Expulsions: 12

Harassment and Intimidation:
Suspensions: 1,527
Expulsions: 0

I suppose when you're terrified of inanimate objects even a finger gun is more worthy of expulsion than bullying and harassing other students.

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Posted By: barstoolguru
03/05/14 05:00 PM

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