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UPDATE - Shooters girlfriend says she told him stranger was an elderly man

This is a follow up on a story by Bar Stool Guru.

It seems that BSG's initial thoughts were dead on as the shooter's girlfriend told reporters that she did not feel threatened by the stranger and warned her boyfriend that it seemed to be an elderly man.

We're all about defensive gun use to protect your family, your friends, and your home... but this certainly seems like this a case of, as BSG put it "because he had a gun he got braver and ultimately led to the death of an innocent man"

Posts: News / UPDATE - Shooters girlfriend says she told him stranger was an elderly man

Posted By: barstoolguru
03/09/14 11:42 AM

even a broken clock is right twice a the other article I read said she was upset about him shooting the old man and distanced herself from him.
as much as I what to believe the shooter had good sense it seems the DA's office is in the same boat as the shooter.
Posted By: barstoolguru
03/09/14 07:32 PM

here is a more detailed look at the shooting that should not have happened

"... I thought he should've stayed where he was, the police were five minutes away and we had already waited ten minutes and why, why, why it was such an urgency the last five minutes I just, I'm, I'm still furious with him," the woman said. "Why he didn't just, wait."
Posted By: barstoolguru
03/09/14 07:40 PM

Hendrix briefly worked as reserve police recruit in DuPont, Wash. Police officials started an internal investigation in 2005 after accusing Hendrix of breaking rules while off duty by confronting a partially naked man who was obstructing traffic.