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Italian government outraged over ArmaLite's Work of Art ad

The Italian government has their cannoli's in a knot over a Photoshopped image of Michaelangelo's David to promote their ArmaLite AR-50A1 bolt-action rifle. They are saying it defames the statue and it's against Italian law. They said if they don’t with draw the add they are going to beat the president of ArmaLite over the head with a salami. Or something to that effect.

The government says it has copyright on the commercial use of images of David. Angelo Tartuferi, director of Florence's Accademia Gallery where the statue is on display, said: "The law says that the aesthetic value of the work cannot be distorted. In this case, not only is the choice in bad taste but also completely illegal."

The ad in question:

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Posts: News / Italian government outraged over ArmaLite's Work of Art ad

Posted By: Jason
03/15/14 01:29 AM

A quick update from our friends over at ArmaLite.

The ad has actually been out for over a year before the Italian government decided it was such a travesty. It was already being phased out when the story started just through the natural cycle of advertising.

The plan to phase it out is still in place and new ads will be coming soon.
Posted By: Michael
03/16/14 02:25 AM

i understand the complaint. that gun shouldn't have to have that stupid statue in the picture with it.