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A little bit about me. [Welcome EBGC's newest writer]

[Note from Easy Bake Gun Club: We wanted to take a moment to introduce our newest writer, Barbie Quinn. She brings a unique perspective as a female working in the firearms industry and she's an all around awesome person with interesting stories.]

A little background on me: I come from a family of police officers. From patrol officers to corrections officers, military police, detectives, Captains, and Chiefs. I was 12 years old when I learned to shoot. My grandfather and step-dad took all of us girls to learn how to shoot one day while we were on family vacation.

It was a well loved Smith & Wesson .38 special police special. In a hot and muggy range in Michigan. The first few shots scared the ever loving life out of me, however after remember thinking "Dirty Harry better watch out!"

I have worked in the firearms industry going on four years now. I mostly deal with registrations, regulations, and I am a certified handgun safety instructor. I live and work in the sunshine state of California (and we all know how gun friendly they are). I often get asked "do you shoot?" or "you must be a pretty good shot, huh?". Yes I can shoot, yes I'm a pretty decent shot when I need to be, and yes I shoot as often as I can.

I am NOT some left wing feminist that is all about girl power and I can do anything a guy can do. I can't do all of it and I'm okay with that, I may get paid less but I'm the first one off ships, airplanes and to be released from hostage situations. Soooo guys please make more than me and while you're at it I don't mind if you hold a door open for me.

I got started in the gun industry because I needed a job after moving to a new city and, come to find out, I am pretty good at it. Helping people and educating people is something I enjoy doing and it's one of my many perks of working at a gun range. As much fun as people think I have it's a lot more than what means the eye. I've been accused of being hired just for my looks ( I'm sure there was a complement in there some where) as well as being ask by customers "is there a male that can help me?". I've fired almost every California compliant gun there is, and I have a handgun and a shot gun as my home protection.

I hope that I will be able to help you get some insight as a customer to your local gun shop and/or range, if not an all around better person. But if none of that ends up happening, I hope you enjoy and maybe get a laugh or two.

Posts: Blogs / A little bit about me. [Welcome EBGC's newest writer]

Posted By: Michael
03/16/14 02:27 AM

Hey. I'm a cop brat too! My favorite people to read are those who are passionate but not overzealous so from what I can tell, I will look forward to your opinions. Welcome!
Posted By: BarbieQuinn
03/16/14 02:51 AM

Thank you very, I'm very excited to be a part of the team! :)