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Buglar shot, killed during gunfight in Detroit suburb (Michigan)

Another day, another Detroit area criminal finds out how many of his fellow residents are armed. Yesterday evening (May 15, 2014) an Inkster, Michigan man saw people loading his own belongings into their car outside his home.

As the homeowner confronted the criminals, one opened fire, striking the homeowner in the leg. This being Detroit in the 'almost how Robocop' predicted it era, the homeowner pulled his own gun and returned fire. The homeowners rounds found their target and the 23-year-old criminal was struck in the chest and died at the hospital.

An unknown number of accomplices were able to flee the scene and police now fear for the homeowner's safety because of rumors of retaliation in the neighborhood.

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Posts: News / Buglar shot, killed during gunfight in Detroit suburb (Michigan)

Posted By: Ian
05/20/14 07:16 AM

Someone shot a bugler? A giant horn must have made for an easy target.

Also, "An unknown number of accomplices WERE able to flee the scene" would be the correct grammar.
Posted By: Jason
05/20/14 11:54 AM

Please accept my dearest apologies, Dearest Leader. My failure in grammar occurred when I found out there were multiple accomplices and had to change that sentence before publishing. Please find it within your heart to forgive this humble servant for my mistake. It shan't happen again.

Of course, there was another grammatical error that you didn't mention so I appreciate the courtesy.

I'm just giving you shit. I actually appreciate the heads up because posting these things at 3 in the morning makes for some interesting typos. Welcome to the site!